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Welcome to Our Home on the Web!


TheRays website is our family's virtual home on the internet and, as such, is intended to be somewhat static. The domain was originally intended to provide an internet anchor for email and a place to host a home page for our newsletters and field updates while we were abroad in missionary service with the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. When we returned to the US (in November of 2003 after 13+ years of IMB missionary service in Eastern South America) we kept the domain active for providing occasional updates.


In addition to information about our family you will find a number of royalty-free images, e-books, freeware and/or open source software and other resources (see our 'Resources' page), as well as a list of some of our favorite links to other websites of interest (see our 'Links' page). If you should find a broken link, a resource that won't download or would just like to get in touch, please feel free to use the 'Contact Us' email icon located at the lower left corner of this page. Now grab a seat, a cup of coffee and sit with us for a while!




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